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The 1,200W HMI Light from Lunar Lighting provides more light than a conventional light tower on a trailer, yet can be carried by hand making it fully portable. The 1,200W HMI provides glare free and shadow free light and is ideal for maintenance and night work.

High power compact lighting for maintenance and work teams
Benefits include:

  • 360° and 180° capability – to protect neighborhood amenity and privacy, the 1,200W HMI Lunar light direction can be changed over from one to the other light direction to  restrict illumination if required
  • Takes only minutes to set up – the tripod is simple to erect, and can be moved to the most advantageous position, regardless of vehicle access. It can be carried by hand and is transported in a car. No need to tow yet the 1,200W Lunar Light is more powerful than a conventional towed lighting tower with a much smaller footprint
  • Automatic wide range voltage detection – the light produces a flicker-free light source which replicates the color and intensity of daylight. The superior light quality creates a more productive work site, and is ideal for road construction with glare free characteristics.
  • Coverage of 32,400sq.ft. (3000m²) – with a single light.
  • Light output of 110,000 Lumens – similar to a conventional trailer-based floodlight which has to be towed and offers less beneficial light characteristics.
  • Duplicates daylight color temperature – conventional floodlights are yellowish, and very glary. The Lunar light is diffused, glare free and replicates daylight color, making a better work environment.
  • Power draw – only 5A.
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