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Lunar Lighting Tower 12kW HMI glare free lighting system

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article image Lunar Lighting Tower 12kW HMI glare free lighting system for roadworks

Australian made, the 12kW HMI glare free Lunar Lighting Tower is not a conventional lighting tower. It is a revolutionary glare-free lighting system, using a single globe, developed and manufactured by Sydney based Lunar Lighting . It is suitable for industries such as civil works, railways, construction, mining and road works.

During roadworks, using the Lunar Lighting Tower results in cost savings as they can be spaced every 100m to 300m, whereas conventional lighting towers are usually spaced every 20m. The Lighting Tower’s output is 1.5 million lumens from a single globe, a radical advance in lighting system technology. The light can be directional 180° or diffused 360° to allow for various project requirements. All controls are push button hydraulic including the vertical cylinder jacks which allow superior stability on uneven terrain.

Towing the Lunar Lighting Tower around work sites is easy due to its lightweight, yet sturdy construction. Only quality components have been used in manufacture to ensure smooth operation even under the rugged conditions. Both portable and permanent glare-free lighting systems are available.

The Lunar Lighting Tower duplicates daylight colour temperature, 6000°K (white light) whereas conventional lighting towers operate at a lower colour temperature of 3200°K (yellow light). The daylight colour produced by the Lunar Lighting Tower is a more natural light to work with and has up to 12 times the lux level of conventional lighting towers.

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