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Mounted on a desert-hardened trailer, the 12,000W HMI light creates 1.5 million Lumens from a single bulb, glare free.

The 12000W HMI Lunar lights deliver all weather performance, extremely high light output, glare-free lighting, robust strength and low cost operation.

The 12000W tower lights are powered by a portable high performance generator built to perform in all weather conditions. Delivering a high light output of 1.5 million Lumens, the 12000W HMI Lunar light can literally turn night into day, illuminating more than six football fields with diffused, glare-free lighting that gives less shadows, right to the edge.
A single 12000W HMI Lunar light replaces six conventional lighting towers, providing more safety at a lower cost.

Lunar Lighting  has also received the coveted NATO Stock Numbers for the 12000W HMI light from NATO and the US Department of Home Security after 12 months of rigorous testing by the military.

Key features of 12000W HMI Lunar lights:

  • 1.5 million Lumens from a single globe
  • Covers 50,000m² from a Lunar tower
  • Glare free and shadow free lighting
  • Replaces six conventional lights
  • 360º or 180º light direction
  • Significant fuel savings
  • Lower transport and setup costs
  • Used on major oil/gas, roadworks and maintenance projects
  • Suitable for film and sport (Sydney Olympic Games)
  • Military strength lighting towers/rigs
  • Worldwide patents and trademarks
  • Tested and purchased by NATO

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