1.2 Million Lumen, 50,000sq Metres Coverage - Lunar HMI Lighting Towers Replace 6 Conventional Lighting Towers

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Lunar Lighting provide high quality glare free lighting towers for the most demanding applications.

Lunar HMI lighting towers illuminate 50,000sq metres

  • 1.2 million Lumens from a single globe
  • Covers 50,000m² from a Lunar tower
  • Glare Free and Shadow Free
  • Replaces SIX other conventional lights
  • 360° or 180° light direction
  • Safer workplace – more productivity
  • Use less fuel, lower carbon footprint
  • Lower transport and setup costs

Lighting for Mining, Construction, Roadworks, Maintenance

  • Used on major oil/gas projects
  • Roadworks and maintenance
  • Film and Sport (Sydney Olympic Games)
  • NATO stock numbers issued following rigorous testing by Department of Defence

With millions in research, and worldwide acclaim, Lunar Lights keeps expanding the envelope of lighting technology, into ever-expanding light coverage, lower costs, and more productivity.

Lunar lights achieve the colour of sunlight with a glare-free, diffused, omni-directional light. Their design means significantly less shadowing, and greater safety – the edge of the illuminated area fades slowly, unlike conventional towers.

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24/08/12 - Lunar rigid polymer HMI lights are ideal for permanent installations such as public areas, golf courses, schools and civic areas.
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22/08/12 - Lunar HMI helium lights, powered between 2000W and 20,000W are filled with helium, and rise to the appropriate height. They are used widely in film and TV.
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21/08/12 - The 12-volt Lunar BakPak creates a 360° illumination covering 124m² for mobile work teams, rescue and maintenance.
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20/08/12 - The 2,000W halogen Lunar light can fit in a car boot, but expands to create 3000m², ideal for general lighting, interior maintenance, and outdoor machinery repair.
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20/08/12 - Designed for large scale, big-area lighting, the 4,000W HMI Lunar light can be provided on a generator trailer, or suspended from ceilings or machinery.
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