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Australian company develops world first plug-in socket kit for trucks and trailers

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article image Lucidity’s OMP 24V plug-in socket

Lucidity Australia announces the release of a new plug-in socket kit designed to reduce installation time and cost for transport operators. Lucidity’s new plug-in technology ensures transport operators only need to wire once when installing lighting and electrical elements on trucks and trailers.

Previously, an auto electrician was required for installing lighting and wiring hardware in trucks and trailers. Lucidity Australia’s new OMP plug-in socket kit is a complete solution that allows all lighting and electrical elements of a trailer to plug into a common series of connectors and can be adapted to operate multiple sockets on the front and rear of the truck. The OMP system is compatible with all current 12V and 24V plugs.

A world-first technology developed in Australia, Lucidity’s new OMP plug-in socket kit enables socket replacements without electrical knowledge, reducing maintenance time and costs for transport operators.

Key features of Lucidity’s OMP plug-in socket kits include ability to operate side and front markers, licence plate and work lamps, beacons and rear combination lamps; direct interface to battery charging hardware and voltage boosters, commonly found on many trailers; and connectors colour coded for easy replacement, and designed water-resistant to prevent corrosion.

Mathew Jenkins, Technical Sales Director, Lucidity Australia explains that the OMP system’s design has been completely thought through from sockets to side markers. With the OMP range reducing time to install, and lowering maintenance costs with fast to replace components, Lucidity is receiving positive feedback from many manufacturers and owner drivers. He added that simple plug-ins can be supplied to meet the demands of any combination of lighting wiring or hardware. 

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