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Suntory use Loscam’s solution to control pallet movements

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article image Len Reinking (left) finds Loscam solution helpful

When Len Reinking took over the responsibility of Warehouse Manager at Suntory Australia’s Rosebery DC in Sydney, Suntory were using two pallet providers and experiencing issues that made it necessary to improve the control of their pallet movements.

Len Reinking said that during an opportune time when their previous provider was making management of the account difficult, Louise Guilfoyle from Loscam came to see Suntory.

Len Reinking asked Louise Guilfoyle if Loscam could provide a better solution to assist Suntory in their endeavour to tighten the pallet movements. Loscam were helpful from the outset and have now benefited from the organic growth in Suntory business, along with their rationalisation of pallet providers.

Len Reinking said his experience since the switch to Loscam, is that they really listen and act on issues when they arise, ensuring they are promptly addressed. Loscam have total control on all pallet movements and do not have outstanding dockets that are outside a reasonable period. The process has become really straightforward.

Loscam have assisted Suntory business to improve the management of pallets, providing quality products in a prompt and timely manner. They have actively participated in providing sound solutions to logistical issues that have driven cost efficiencies for the business.

Len Reinking also said that Suntory Australia, a wholesale distribution company, primarily concerned with the distribution of premium-branded liqueurs and spirits to the Australian beverage market. They are the distributor of products such as Midori, Jagermeister, Jose Cuervo, Grants, Glenfiddich, Frangelico & Campari. His team handles through its Rosebery DC, from 600 to 700 containers per annum and some 200 active SKUs.

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