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For extended product life, LOCTITE Threadlockers secure and seal machine components

LOCTITE Threadlockers is a reliable way to prevent the release or loosening of thread joints due to mechanical vibrations or environmental factors such as corrosion and temperature fluctuations.

  • Function by curing in the absence of air
  • Low cost per unit
  • Efficient storage, supply, maintenance and repair
  • All voids between interfacing threads completely filled
  • Clamping voice is retained
  • High breakaway torque

LOCTITE Thread Sealants are single components that are quick and easy to apply, to prevent and stop leakages.

LOCTITE seal and secure plugs, pipes and fittings fill the spaces between threaded metal parts and harden.

  • Can be used on any size pipe fitting
  • Thread sealants seal to the burst strength of most piping systems
  • Corrosion protection for thread
  • Seal and secure metal pipes and fittings
  • Designed for high and low pressure applications
  • Controlled strength
  • Ease of disassembly

Loctite Retaining Compounds fill the inner space between components and cure to form a strong precision assembly

LOCTITE Retaining Compounds secure bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts. With maximum load transmission capability and uniform stress distribution, fretting corrosion is eliminated.

  • High strength product
  • Capability to carry high loads
  • Fills all voids for fretting and corrosion protection
  • 100% contact
  • Load and stress is distributed evenly over the joint

Gasket Flange Sealants from LOCTITE for a single-component, excellent instant seal

LOCTITE Gasket Flange Sealants can be used with many different types of material including various metals, wood, plastic, rubber, ceramics, glass, and concrete. The type of sealant selected for a specific application depends on the material to be sealed and the environmental conditions.

  • Fills all surface voids for 100% seal
  • No fine surface finish needed
  • Will not relax, creep or break
  • Eliminates need to re-torqueing or replacement during service
  • Manufacture gaskets on demand, in desired shapes and sizes
  • Inventory costs reduced
  • Parts can be disassembled easily even after extended service

LOCTITE offers solutions for the most demanding industry applications with products that improve manufacturing operations and increase productivity.

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