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LOCTITE Lubricants offer superior protection for industrial plants and equipment. The range includes organic, mineral and synthetic based products that meet the requirements of industrial applications.

Anti-Seize compounds from LOCTITE are premium quality products developed to protect metal parts

  • Protection from corrosion, galling and seizing
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of slip-fit threaded joints
  • Reduced friction and wear of critical operating equipment
  • Formulated for severe industrial environments and operation conditions

Anti-Seize compounds can be used in a number of applications, offering various high temperature limits and lubrications

  • Protection against high temperatures
  • Heavy loads
  • Chemicals
  • Pounding and corrosive attack
  • Vibration
  • Can be used as a gasket release where reuse is desirable
  • Ideal for use on spark plug threads and electrical connections

MoS2 and PTFE based LOCTITE Dry Film Lubricants reduce friction of equipment whilst enhancing the performance of oils and greases

  • Prevent seizing and ensure protection against corrosion
  • Ideal choice for unclean environments where contaminants could come into contact with the product
  • Contaminants will not stick as they would with a standard grease

Lubricating Oils are designed for moving components in a wide range of equipment and applications

  • Suitable for large industrial plants and mini machines
  • Provides flowability and surface adhesion
  • Lubrication at high and low speeds within the specified temperature range

LOCTITE Lubricating Greases protect against corrosion and have been designed to withstand extreme pressures

  • Carefully balanced formulations and high-quality ingredients
  • Made of mineral or synthetic base oils with a thickening agent
  • Protection against friction
  • Reduces wear of machine parts and equipment
  • Prevents overheating

LOCTITE Anti-Seize Lubricants and Protective Coatings have been designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.

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