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LOCTITE Instant Adhesives

LOCTITE® Instant Adhesives are the most diverse line of cyanoacrylates adhesives (CAs) available, providing you with fast assembly solutions for a variety of materials, including plastics, elastomers and metals. Now, the bond is resistant to even higher temperatures and humidity – enlarging the spectrum of applications with every drop. 

Instant adhesives for General Purpose

The industry’s strongest and fastest instant adhesives have set a new standard for performance. With temperature resistance up to 250°F (120°C), you can keep the strength and fixture time you need in higher heat applications.

Low Odour / Low Bloom Instant Adhesives

Chemically engineered to minimize blooming, the frosty white film that can occasionally be seen outside of the adhesive bond line of a traditional cyanoacrylate adhesive. Ideal for battery cases, cosmetic cases, display systems, gasketing and sealing.

LOCTITE Structural Bonding Epoxies, Acrylics and Silicones

Specially formulated, the latest LOCTITE Structural Adhesive innovations have been design to prodive tough, durable bonds to a wide variety of surfaces

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Plastics

The latest LOCTITE ® Structural Adhesive range meets a variety of industrial bonding requirements and are available in magnet bonding, metal bonding, multiple surface bonding, plastic and composite bonding.

LOCTITE UV Light Curing Adhesive

UV-curing adhesives from LOCTITE® is suitable for various industrial processes due to its high transparency and exceptional stability

  • Suitable for glass to metal adhesion
  • Suitable for glass to glass adhesion
  • Production of glassware, glass furniture and acrylic glass
  • Ideal for the optical industry and medical technology

UV Light Curing adhesives for Medical Devices Bonding

Light cure technology considered to be the fastest growing adhesive category selected by medical device manufacturers worldwide. With its rapid cure and wide product offering, there is a category and product to suit most medical device bonding. LOCTITE® offers a spectrum of high-performance, UV light curing medical device adhesives, specifically developed for the applications of medical device bonding. These UV light adhesives meet ISO-10993 biocompatibility requirements, the same test standard used in the licensing of medical devices.

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Question: 15/01/15 - For a weeping leak you mayneed to remove the fitting and reseal with Loctite 567 thread and flangesealant.

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