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New E-Plex 2000 keyless entry systems from Locks Galore

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article image New E-Plex 2000 keyless entry systems are eco-friendly
The new E-Plex 2000 model of keyless entry systems from Locks Galore feature revolutionary PowerStar technology, which means they generate their own power when the door lever is turned.

Thanks to their self-powering capabilities, these keyless entry systems do not require any wiring or batteries for power, which dramatically reduces the cost involved in installing and maintaining the keyless entry systems.

The keyless entry systems are waste reducing and environmentally friendly because they do not rely on electricity, and they fulfil industry-standard capabilities to the same extent as stand-alone entry-level physical locks.

The keyless entry systems provide:

  • Multiple operation modes and authority levels, including a capacity to handle up to 100 users. 
  • Scalability
  • Users with the ability to manage administrative rights
  • Versatility - doors can be secured or open when you need them to be.

For example, building managers can program the keyless entry systems to stay open for a period of 1-24 hours, and then automatically re-lock each day at the end of this duration by employing the passage mode configurator.

The keyless entry systems require only one person to install, and the installation process is simple and incredibly efficient by virtue of the fact that no wiring is required.

Furthermore, these keyless entry systems are now available with audit trail and software management, which allows building managers to access the last 1,000 recorded audit events, including the use of mechanical key override.

These self-powering, keyless entry systems are perfect for use in banks, hospitals, schools, restaurants, movie theatres, retail outlets, pharmacies, airports and offices.

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