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GPS tracking enterprise solution from Locating Technologies

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For organisations with at least 100 people, vehicles or assets to track, Locating Technologies has designed the Enterprise Solution. In this option, companies purchase the necessary hardware and software from Locating Technologies and all tracking data is sourced and held in-house.  Locating Technologies pre-configure their Trailblazer Application Software to suit any information requirements; preload it onto an appliance and deliver it to the user so that it is set it up to run within individual networks.

Features and benefits of the Enterprise Solutions GPS tracking systems include:

  • The Enterprise Solutions GPS tracking systems are cost effective for larger organisations
  • These GPS tracking systems offer enhanced security
  • Enterprise Solution is priced to be more economical for larger organisations requiring a minimum of 100 tracking devices
  • An annual charge applies for a licence to Google for commercial use of their maps. Companies have the option of can paying this fee  to Google directly or arrange payment through Locating Technologies
  • The Enterprise Solution GPS tracking systems offer the security of managing and retaining all of tracking data in-house. This is particularly important for organisations with highly sensitive data such as law enforcement agencies, security organisations and emergency services
  • A 12 month warranty applies to all Trailblazer hardware and software
  • After the expiry of the 12 month warranty period, companies can choose to take up the Locating Technologies hardware and/or software maintenance and support plan to arrange any repairs and maintenance required, and to take up any software updates (an annual fee applies).
The Enterprise Solution GPS tracking system enables the user to instantly identify essential data about the location and security of all personnel, vehicles or assets carrying a Trailblazer tracking device with the added benefit of cost efficiencies and improved data security.

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