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Onboard weighing systems for mining excavators at AIMEX

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article image Onboard weighing system for mining excavators

Loadrite  will show a new onboard weighing system for large mining excavators and shovels, on Stand S150 at AIMEX.
The new Loadrite X2650 is designed to ensure accurate and instant haul truck payload weight data, helping mining operations increase productivity while reducing operational costs.
Designed for excavators ranging from 200 to 800 tonnes, it will have its official launch at AIMEX on August 20, following a successful trial of the system at a large mine in NSW.
The X2650’s ability to deliver accurate weight information for every bucket of material loaded makes it stand out from other products, said Loadrite Product Manager, Excavator Series, Gordon Hain.
“Until now, most mining operations have relied on payload systems on haul trucks to measure payload weight.
“However, on haul trucks the data is not provided until after the bucket has been dumped into the truck, so accurate data is only available after the truck has left the load out location,” he said.
The result is a flat payload distribution curve for the fleet, with the mean not matched with the target payload.
“By then, precious time has been wasted if you discover the truck is over- or under-loaded,” said Hain.
The X2650 was a dynamic in-motion weighing system, meaning it measured the payload during the loading procedure – thereby having no impact on the loading time.
Following the success of the initial trial at the NSW mine, it is now fitting the X2650 across its excavator fleet – a total of six machines– with the goal of maximising the potential cost savings the system can deliver. 
The X2650 also makes it easy for mine operators to comply with the commonly accepted “10-10-20” OEM load policy, which can result in the warranty being voided if the haul truck is 20 per cent overloaded.  
“To comply with the 10-10-20 policy, all loads must be below 110% of the target payload with only 10% of all loads between 110 and 120%,” he said.
“The bucket-by-bucket accuracy delivered by the X2650 takes the guesswork out of the process, enabling excavator operators to meet these load requirements and protecting the investment made in equipment.”
Accuracy is assured to within ±3% in a wide range of demanding operating conditions, adding to overall system benefits.
“In comparison, the dynamic payload information provided in haul trucks is generally only accurate to within 5% – and that’s only after the truck is a few hundred metres down the road from the loading site location.”

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