Skin Packaging and Tray Sealing Process Preserves Food Products Longer from Linco Food Systems


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There are many possible sealing processes that may be used on the MECA range of Tray Sealing Top Lidding Machines, some of which have been around for sometime and others which are new developments.

Mecaskin T skin packaging or vacuum skin packaging packs
This is a process where a tray is placed under the vacuum and the film is sealed all around the product onto the tray.
  • The product is held by the clear film and can be touched by the consumer without damage
  • Used for longer shelf  life than standard MAP 
  • Excellent for microwaveable ready to serve meals
  • Has advantages for products that suit vertical shelf presentation
  • No gas is required and the presentation is far superior to thermoformed packs 
Double Deck Packaging
This is a process that involves sealing of a second film layer onto a package which is typically a printed film for better labeling and advertising of the product.

Slice Pack Packaging
  • A very low profile pack
  • Suitable for sliced dairy, seafood, processed meat, and other thin products
  • The product is packed using MAP on thin boards or very shallow trays and may be vertically presented
LID Shrink Packaging
Shrink films for tight drum effect, MAP and non MAP packaging typically found in supermarkets for red meat, poultry and seafood products amongst others.

  • A new development similar to LID Shrink but film can touch product without discoloration when MAP packing
  • Results in lower profile and fuller looking packs
DOME Packaging
Dome Packaging is suitable for bakery and other delicate products that need to be packed in a protective plastic shell which is sealed to a base board or shallow plastic tray.

Linco Food Systems skin packaging and tray sealing processes helps keep food products fresher, extending shelf life for longer. Linco Food Systems information and contact details

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