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The MECA Tray Sealing MAP Machines have been expanded to cater for all production needs. Available in automatic and semi-automatic models, these tray sealers can operate a wide variety of packing styles, trays and film types.

All MECA Tray Sealing and Top Lidding Systems are MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

MECA Tray Sealers are easy to program, clean, and maintain
  • Infeed systems can be used to fully automate production lines
  • Outfeed systems can be added for use with downstream equipment
  • Easy access from the top of the sealing area
  • User friendly with easy to use operator interfaces
  • Simple and efficient operation with minimal moving components
  • Fast tray size tooling changeovers taking less than ten minutes for complete size change
  • Proven reliable performance with exceptionally high pack aesthetics with no poor film edges around the trays  
Lidding and sealing of preformed trays
  • Laminate films
  • Printed or clear films
  • Mirabella MAP packaging
  • Slicepack for sliced products
  • MAP or non MAP packaging
  • Skin or vacuum skin packaging
  • Double deck packing with dual film layers
  • Shrink barrier and shrink non barrier films
  • Inside cut, foil, cardboard, and hard shell plastic dome packaging
  • Tray types include PP, PET, CPET, APET, EPS, HIPS, foil and cardboard
  • Special systems are available for sandwich packs in plastic or cardboard  

Linco Food Systems can tailor a MECA Tray Sealer, Top Lidding or MAP System Solution to meet any production requirements. 

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