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Carrera Smart flow wrapper available from Linco Food Systems

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The Carrera Smart is a new addition to the Ilapak flow wrapper range sold by Linco Food Systems in Australia.

Produced in the Ilapak China factory, the Carrera Smart flow wrapper has the same performance and specifications as the Carrera 500PC.

It is available in a single no other options configuration of epoxy painted body in a right-hand version, standard jaw width of 250mm and 150mm crimp centre height, 2.5mt infeed conveyor with pop-out lugs, single film reel mounting 650mm width, adjustable folding box, photocell for print registered films, and photocell for No product No bag.

The Carrera Smart flow wrapper packs any product suitable for use on a traditional rotary jaw flow wrapper, and is an entry level machine suitable for customers who need to start new product ranges, or require versatility in their flow wrapping machines.

The Carrera Smart flow wrapper is suitable for product lines such as bakery, confectionery, fruits and vegetables, snack foods and non-food products.

The Carrera Smart flow wrapper works with all types of heat sealable films such as plain or co-extruded polypropylene (PP), laminate films and multi-layered films, and cold sealable films.

The Carrera Smart flow wrapper features an industrial PC with operator interface for programming and data storage, multi-axis drive technology with three independent drives for infeed and sealing rollers or jaws, automatic adjust of film and infeed or jaw drives upon product change, hygienic design for easy clean down, single film reel mounting with self-centring cones, and 2.5m infeed loading area.

The Carrera Smart flow wrapper operates at speeds up to 100 cycles per minute on a single jaws configuration and up to 200 cycles per minute with double jaws.

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