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How ergonomics in the production line improves performance and productivity

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article image Ergonomic design can increase motivation and satisfaction and ultimately result in better performance and higher productivity

LINAK Australia explains the importance of ergonomics in a production line and how creating a more ergonomic work environment can actually improve performance and productivity on the manufacturing floor.

Improved ergonomics reduces muscle fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders

The increasing mechanisation and adoption of robotics on production lines have reduced the burden on workers responsible for difficult tasks. However, people continue to remain a key and important resource, which is why ergonomics in production lines is important and poor ergonomics can actually cost a company dearly.

According to the US Department of Labor, ergonomics-related injuries account for US$ 15-20bn every year. In 2013, such injuries caused 380,600 days away from work, equivalent to a third of the total number of called-in days absent. A recent study in the UK by the Health and Safety Executive stated that musculoskeletal disorders affected one million people every year as a direct result of poorly designed workstations.

With statistics like these raising a red flag at the workplace, the study of ergonomics is becoming increasingly important. Done well, ergonomic design can raise motivation and satisfaction levels, which ultimately result in better performance and higher productivity.

As an actuation solutions specialist, LINAK Australia offers an almost endless range of lifting columns, actuators, control boxes and controls designed for the sole purpose of adjusting any application found in a production line to fit the specific employee perfectly and improve ergonomics for that employee.

The happy outcomes include better ergonomics, fewer musculoskeletal disorders and reduced absenteeism, benefitting both the company and the individual employee.

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