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With a focus on safety and drastically changing the efficiency of traditional conveyor belt loading, Leverlink® Dynamic Impact Beds can be customised to suit you.

Using tested and refined designs you can expect reliability and safety, Dynamic Impact Beds can reduce injury and expensive time loss.

Hard-wearing Dynamic Impact Mount design features for less maintenance costs
  • Innovative Dynamic Impact Mounts disperse kinetic energy upon load to protect bed from damage and wear
  • Tough and durable 30mm polymer slider bars (UHMWPE) are chemical and abrasion resistant for little maintenance and replacements only necessary every 5-14 years
  • 1mm floating polymer skirting for low maintenance stress on belt and spring clamped for quick replacement
Prevention of bet sag and material leakage minimising production costs
  • Belt Edge Support prevent belt sag and material leakage minimising labour time and production waste
  • Dynamic Impact Mounts are made from rubber and galvanised steel for durability 
Trusted engineering skills with a 10 year warranty
  • Engineered for investment, Leverlink® offer a 10 year structural warranty and service life of 20 years
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing systems for minimal transition expense
Transforming loading zones from expensive maintenance and high risk liabilities, Leverlink® Dynamic Impact Beds ensure productivity with safety. Leverlink Australia information and contact details

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28/04/08 - There is a wide range of dynamic impact beds suitable for troughed conveyor belts available from Leverlink Australia.

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