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Offering a wide range of fluids for all tool maintenance and cleaning needs, LENOX has the right lubricant for the job, from friction prevention to flood coolant on ferrous metals. 

BAND-ADE® semi-synthetic sawing fluid

  • Improves blade life by reducing machine wear
  • Provides exceptional cooling using a water-soluble solution to help improve the cutting performance of the blade
  • Faster cutting increases productivity, the BAND-ADE® fluid helps the machine cut faster saving time and money
  • Eco friendly, the BAND-ADE® fluid is environmentally safe and biodegradable as the solution does not contain any harmful chlorine or sulphur

SAW MASTER™ synthetic sawing fluid

  • Preserves blade life while providing faster cutting, cooling the blade while providing peak sawing performance
  •  The SAW MASTER™ fluid rejects most tramp oil, separating and removing the unwanted fluid helping the blade to perform for longer
  • With industry leading anti-microbial agents the SAW MASTER™ contains bacterial growth while preventing any rancidity
  • The SAW MASTER™ can be used in most hard water applications, this eliminates any problems with residue and filtration

LUBE TUBE manually applied lubricant stick

  • Able to withstand extreme pressure while preventing the build-up of friction heat on metal surfaces
  • Scientifically made to be applied to saw bands as well as a variety of other cutting tools while improving the overall life of the tool while sawing, drilling, milling, grinding, threading or tapping
  • The LUBE TUBE can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as aluminium gates, risers, plates and extrusions 
  • The lubricant used in the LUBE TUBE is biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-staining

LENOX PROTOOL LUBE® for extended tool life

  • Made with a unique synthetic blend designed to increase and extend the life of your tools
  • Able to be used with all cutting, milling, reaming, tapping and drilling metal or plastic tools
  • The LENOX PROTOOL LUBE® is able to shorten cutting time by up to 50% providing a smoother, cleaner cut while dramatically lengthening the life of your blade
  • As the lubricant is water soluble it cleans up easily with just water
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic and sold in an easy to used flip-top bottle

MICRONIZER ® and MICRONIZER ®, JR. precision lubrication applicators

  • Designed to deliver a small amount of lubricant using tooth penetration and chip formation 
  • Precise fluid pump and air compressor controls to ensure the correct amount of lubricant is always applied to your tools
  • The MICRONIZER ®, JR. is a portable designed lubricant applicator with strong mounting magnets to hold it in place while still being able to be moved between machines

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