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LENOX® plastic tubing cutters for straight and easy perfect cuts

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LENOX®  presents a rugged and ergonomic range of plastic tubing cutters designed to deliver straight, clean cuts on PEX plastic tubing.

Commonly used for hot and cold water plumbing, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) plastic tubing is quickly replacing the more expensive copper piping thanks to its many advantages including durability, flexibility, reduced risk of leakage, resistance to corrosion, ease of use, and low labour and material costs. Its flexibility and strength at extreme temperatures make it versatile enough to use in any climate or time of year.

PEX cannot be joined by solvent cement or heat fusion methods. One of the few installation processes not eliminated by the use of PEX tubing is the need to cut it for both sizing and the installation of mechanical fittings. PEX plastic tubing demands the use of specialised tools for cutting to ensure correct installation. A straight, flush cut will have maximum contact, reducing the chance of leaks at the fitting.

Featuring a rugged, ergonomic design, LENOX® plastic tubing cutters deliver straight, clean cuts with less effort, with the amount of force needed and spring life being the key differentiators that make the brand a market leader.

Key features of LENOX® plastic tubing cutters:

  • Patent-pending serrated blade made with stainless steel that requires 25% less cutting force than other cutters on the market
  • Reduces user hand fatigue and provides a straight, burr-free cut
  • Conveniently located locking latch allows for true one-handed operation of the spring-loaded cutter, freeing the other hand to stabilise the tube
  • Ensures proper installation of PEX plastic tubing while also reducing cost and maintenance
LENOX® also offers a range of PVC cutters, including the S2 CPVC cutter with cast aluminium body and high carbon steel blade, as well as the R1 and R2 PVC ratcheting cutters, perfect for larger diameter tubes. Replacement blades are available for all models.

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