LENOX Durable and Versatile Drilling Tools for Wood and Metal


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Engineered for the greatest in durability and strength the LENOX metal and wood drilling tools meet all heavy duty requirements with fast, clean holes and total precision. 

LENOX carbide hole cutter for sheet metal cutting needs

  • Made with ground carbide teeth for smooth, clean, burr-free holes
  • Fitted with an over-drill stopper to avoid penetrating beyond the hole and damaging the sheet metal
  • The drilling starts on contact, avoiding any walking leaving unsightly marks, the split point pilot offers the best in instant drilling and faster penetration 

ONE TOOTH® rough wood hole cutter for faster drilling

  • Fitted with a high speed drilling tooth for a longer tool life
  • Designed with low torque but built with the ability to run at high speeds to cut faster while preserving the longevity of your tool
  • The ONE TOOTH® has a unique angle cutting ability to provide superior cutting at various angles
  • Built to withstand any cutting need from frozen, wet or pressure treated woods as well as hard woods without bending 

LENOX provide kits for both metal and wooden drilling needs. 

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07/02/13 - LENOX's ARMOR family of products is designed to protect band saw cutting edges from heat, extending their life while also enabling cutting to be done at higher speeds.
Supplier news
27/03/12 - LENOX plastic tube cutters are perfect for PEX plastic tubing by virtue of their rugged, ergonomic design, which effectively delivers straight, clean cuts with little effort

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