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LENOX ARMOR advanced coatings extend the life of band saw blades, provide superior performance in rugged cutting applications

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article image LENOX's ARMOR products are designed to shield band saw teeth from the detrimental effects of heat

LENOX notes that the primary enemy of any tool cutting edge is heat. The excessive heat generated during chip formation has traditionally had a detrimental effect on cutting edges, causing them to wear rapidly. To extend the life of band saw blades, operators were forced to use decreased cutting rates as the tooling substrate could not handle aggressive rates or excessive heat.

With the introduction of LENOX ARMOR, this problem has been solved. As the company notes, LENOX ARMOR is not just a coating. Extensive surface preparation and cleaning techniques are first employed to ensure the cutting edge is ready to be coated. An advanced coating process is then utilised to ensure superior adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

LENOX's AlTiN coated ARMOR products are designed to shield the teeth from the devastating effects of heat, pushing the heat away from the teeth and into the chip. By protecting the teeth from heat in this way, the Aluminium, Titanium and Nitrogen coating extends their operating life.

The hard tool surface coating also offers a low coefficient of friction, reducing the tendency for chips to stick and weld to the cutting surface.

By combining this extremely hard cutting edge with high performance backing steel LENOX states that the ARMOR range provides exceptional performance in applications that are abusive, aggressive or require operators to run with reduced fluids.

The LENOX ARMOR family of products includes both carbide and bi-metal blades. Running parameters for each can vary by application, so it is important to select the appropriate product for each cutting application.

LENOX has provided a number of steps as a guide to selecting the right band saw blade and ensuring maximum operating life. These are:

  1. analyse the sawing application
  2. determine which product to use
  3. determine the proper number of teeth per inch (TPI)
  4. order LENOX Sawing Fluids and Lubricants for better performance and longer life on any blade.
  5. determine the need for MERCURIZATION
  6. install the blade and fluid
  7. break in the blade properly; then
  8. run the blade at the correct speed and feed rate.

With regard to analysing a sawing application, for most situations knowing the blade dimensions (length x width x thickness) is sufficient when analysing the machine in use. Characteristics of the material to be cut should also be considered. These include the:
  • grade
  • hardness (if heat treated or hardened)
  • shape; and
  • size.
Finally, attention should be given to the specifics of the application, such as whether fast cutting or tool life is more important, and whether material finish is important.

MERCURIZATION is a patented, enhanced mechanical process designed to promote more efficient tooth penetration and chip formation available for certain LENOX ARMOR products.

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