High Performance and Economical LENOX Carbide Band Saw Blades


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Versatile Lenox Carbide Band Saw Blades deliver you high performance precision and cutting strength with a premium steel design.

AlTiN ARMOR® CT BLACK for fast and effective cutting
  • Extreme cutting efficiency with Aluminium, Titanium and Nitrogen blended coating for fast sawing and durability
  • Reduced thermal conductivity as the armour forces heat into the chips rather than the blade or work piece
  • High quality, micro-grained carbide is designed to cut a multitude of materials 
  • Long life design with high performance backing steel incorporated 
TNT CT® blades for super alloys
  • Highly wear resistant, especially when sawing difficult to cut materials
  • Incorporates high performance, tough backing steel
TRI-TECH CT™  effective straight cuts with no pinching when sawing robust materials
  • Set style tooth pattern eliminates pinching in high stress metals and allows for plunge cutting with a wider kerf clearance
  • Durable design with high grade carbide tips, positive rake angle and backing steel which minimises body breakage
  • Extremely versatile, cuts a range of materials including high strength steels and Nickel-based alloys
TRIMASTER® versatile Carbide tipped blades
  • Smooth cutting and finish with precision triple chip grind
  • Highly durable general purpose blade, ideal for cutting of a wide variety of materials
Easy feeding ALUMINUM MASTER™ with triple chip tooth design
  • Provides fast, wear resistant cutting 
  • Easy hand-fed feeding and gives a smooth finish
LENOX HRC® with Carbide tipped blade for case and through-hardened materials
  • Durable design with high quality, micro-grained carbide 
  • Strong tooth design makes edges more durable and provides strip resistance
  • Replaces abrasive cut-off operations
MASTER-GRIT® Carbide grit edge blade cuts through abrasive and hardened materials
  • Robust metallurgically-bonded edge
  • Gulleted for applications greater than 1/4” (6.4mm) in cross-section
  • Continuous for applications less than 1/4” (6.4mm) in cross-section
Reliability and confidence in design, Carbide Band Saw Blades are delivered with a Manufacturer's Warranty for your peace of mind.
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07/02/13 - LENOX's ARMOR family of products is designed to protect band saw cutting edges from heat, extending their life while also enabling cutting to be done at higher speeds.

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