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Tyre spikes available from Leda-Vannaclip

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Tyre spikes from Leda-Vannaclip provide security protection for restricted areas against forced and unauthorised entry or exit of motor vehicles. Tyre spikes work by destroying vehicle tyres or impaling the vehicle's undercarriage equipment.

Tyre spikes can be installed as single modular units in either uni-directional or bi-directional configurations, operated automatically or manually. Tyre spikes are commonly used as part of a combined perimeter security solution incorporating barriers such as gates, bollards or boom gates to achieve a sluice arrangement forming a vehicle check-point or as part of a vehicle interlocking system.

Applications of Tyre spikes:

  • Airports and shipping ports
  • Industrial areas
  • Embassies
  • Government buildings
  • Military complexes
  • Power plants
  • Car parks
  • Distribution depots.

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