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Pneumatic focusing gas chromatography from Lear Siegler

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VOC Technologies has introduced the new technique of pneumatic focusing gas chromatography (PFGC).

PFGC is a continuous speciated monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s).

The new technology of PFGC satisfies all criteria in a more cost effective manner than other available techniques and instrumentation.

Pneumatic focusing gas chromatography (PFGC) consists of compressing an air sample to high pressure (e.g. 600 psi) before injecting it directly onto the column of a specially-designed gas chromatograph, also maintained at high pressure (600 psi).

Pressurisation serves to concentrate the sample, thereby increasing sensitivity; remove water vapour by condensation; and allows ease of automation.

PFGC from Lear Siegler is a direct sampling method, which allows for minimal sample loss or interference in the focusing procedure, often not the case in canister and adsorbent sampling systems.

The pneumatic focusing gas chromatography (PFGC) is designed to be contained entirely within a personal computer that also contains all normal computer components and maintains full functionality.

Chromatography gases and samples enter the instrument through the back. Real time observation of in-progress chromatograms can be done on a computer monitor on-site and through an internet connection.

The optional front-mounted 6-inch monitor allows the PFGC to be operated without a standalone monitor which is especially useful for field measurements where most measurement will be carried out over the internet.

Enclosure within a PC makes this instrument controllable between any two locations in the work over the internet.

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