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Lear Siegler supplies wide range of process and environmental monitoring instruments

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Lear Siegler  supplies a comprehensive range of process and environmental monitoring instruments that include measure colour, concentration, turbidity, water/waste water, separator control, filtration monitoring, CIP, phase separation, O2, CO2 measurement and many more.

CIP return water clarity monitoring:

By installing Optek photometric sensor at CIP return points, the CIP return can be automatically:

  • Diverted to a waste holding tank
  • Waste treatment or held for
  • Subsequent CIP pre-rinse.

Wastewater monitoring:

Monitoring for trace product contamination and organic loading levels /BOD, biological oxygen demands/, enables problems to be addressed quickly and inexpensively.

Sanitizer concentration monitoring /iodine, Peracetic Acid, ClO2/,

chemical concentration is difficult to measure using traditional conductivity sensors, because pH changes, temperature and the presence of unexpected compounds can have an effect on conductivity devices.

This may affect response time as well. To compensate for these issues plant operators often overdose chemicals to ensure adequate sterilisation and extend line flushes to insure it is removal.

Sanitiser concentration monitoring enables you to save money through:

  • Reduced water use and
  • Efficient use of chemicals.

Power plants:

The oil used as energy source is heated up by condensate before it’s combustion in case high viscous heavy oils are burned.

Leakages in heat exchangers cause expensive and dangerous contamination of condensate with oil.

By installing Optek photometric sensors you can detect even small oil traces (ppb-ppm) in condensate –Inline (without delay) even at high temperature and high pressure.

Control 4000:

The C4000 is a powerful photometric converter engineered for superior performance and advanced process monitoring and control.

  • For all sensors – multifunction
  • 4-20mA
  • Bi-communication
  • 8 I/O product/range changes
  • 4 Relay outputs
  • Datalogger
  • Split graphical/numerical displays.

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