Lear Siegler Australasia High Precision and Highly Accurate Air Samplers for Ambient Air Monitoring


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Lear Siegler Australasia offer a range of ambient air samplers to suit individual requirements. 

Easy to operate Thermo Scientific TEOM 1405 Ambient Air Sampler

  • Built with high precision and high accuracy
  • Built on proven Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) and Filter Dynamics System (FDMS) technologies
  • Expanded capabilities and has a full spectrum of monitoring option
  • The TEOM provides NIST traceable direct mass measurements
  • The FDMS option provides the ability to account for the volatiles and semi volatiles
  • The four models in the range of the TEOM series air samplers consist of: TEOM 1405 standard for monitoring PM2.5 or PM10; TEOM 1405D for three measurements of PM10, PM2.5 and PM Coarse (PM10-PM2.5); TEOM 1405F for monitoring PM2.5 or PM10 with FDMS; TEOM 1405F for three measurements and FDMS option
Partisol-Plus Sequential Multi Filter Air Sampler for extreme meteorological conditions
  • Contains a filter exchange that has proven reliable under extreme meteorological conditions
  • Fitted with up to 16 filters that performs automatic exchanges according to a user defined sampling schedule
  • This Sequential Multi Filter sampler draws a particulate laden air stream through a size selective or total suspended particulate (TSP) inlet. It is then drawn through a 47mm diameter filter which is available in a variety of materials.
  • Additionally, users can configure the Partisol-Plus Sequential Multi Filter Air Sampler with an optional modem or wind vane/anemometer for conditional air sampling
  • When equipped with an option wind vane or anemometer, this multi filter air sampler also computes the average wind speed, as well as the vector-averaged wind velocity and wind direction
Flowset High Volume Air Sampler with low operating noise
  • Quiet to operate, accurate and efficient
  • Uunique removable filter support and transport cover, allowing filter loading and recovery in a protected laboratory environment without the risk of losing the sample
  • Provide accurate samples of wind direction
  • Less power usage
  • Simplified sample collection method
Measure gases and particulate matter with Lear Siegler Australasia's air sampling and monitoring equipment.
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14/06/12 - FH62 C14 continuous ambient particulate monitors use beta attenuation to measure suspended particulate matter, and are now available from Lear Siegler Australasia.
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05/12/11 - Determining water quality and quantity employing water monitoring instruments is central to the integrity of the environment.
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01/12/11 - Lear Siegler Australasia specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of air quality monitoring instruments.
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10/05/11 - Lear Siegler Australasia introduces the Partisol 2025i sequential air samplers by Thermo Fisher Scientific designed to meet the regulatory monitoring requirements.
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09/05/11 - The Partisol 2000i air samplers available from Lear Siegler Australasia are designed to meet the regulatory monitoring requirements for PM-2.5, PM-10 and other particulate sampling methods.
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