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The new converter CONTROL 4000, available from Lear Siegler ,  is based on decades of experience with optical process measurements. Together with numerous sensors the complete range of inlinephotometric applications is covered with a single converter CONTROL 4000. This means the measurement of turbidity, concentration, color and UV-absorptionis carriedout. Beside this the CONTROL 4000 provides a powerful diagnosis function as well as offset and linearization of results including compensation of external data like pressureor temperature. In the end, the system isn't only able to indicate absorption, but also directly the concentration of the desired component.

Use of different data ensuresmaximum flexibility even in case of varying application tasks. Product switching saves time and money. This function, which is based on current microprocessor technology, offers maximum handling comfort in adapting the instrument tochanging process demands. If process is changing the CONTROL 4000 not only adapts the ranges accordingly, but also may change to a complete different measuringtechnique if required. New measuring ranges and alarm values are taken into account as well as different units, different linearization and calibration factors. Up to 8 differentdatasets per output contain all respective information. Furthermore, the switching of products can be controlled locally at the CONTROL 4000 or remotely from the processcontrol system. Because of this valuable time and money will be saved.Datalogger: It records 4 customer defined results which are displayed onthe LCD. Thus, you are able to follow run of the data and to compare them immediately. This allows torecognize correlation between different signals and to gain further valuable information for optimum process control. The remote control functions are providing maximumflexibility also in hazardous area.

A multilevel password system protects from unauthorized access to the functions of CONTROL 4000.CONTROL 4000 meets highest standards of safety and fulfills the regulations of EMC and NAMUR. A Self-Testing-Routine checks sensor and converter function as well. Twoensor inputs allow double measurement and optimum reliability.

Special Features:

  •  For all sensors = Multifunctional
  •  For all application tasks
  •  Wide function for measurement and calculation
  •  Easy to use⇛ Multilevel password protection
  •  Powerful system diagnosis
  •  Use of external data (temp./ pH /...)
  •  Two sensors simultaneously
  •  Datalogger
  •  Easy linearization
  •  Validation for Quality Control System
  •  8 products programmable
  •  Remote product switching
  •  Remote functions (Product / Range / Zero / Hold)
  •  (EX)-Proof: EN / PTB / FM
  •  Safety according to EMC/NAMUR regulation
  •  Highest reliability under rough process conditions


  • Securing of profit
  •  Reduce costs – increase quality
  •  Optimum ROI due to INLINE-CONTROL
  •  Minimize risks – decrease costs
  •  Increase efficiency and yield of production
  •  Automatic documentation for quality control

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