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Lawson Software announces Full-Function ERP on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure

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Lawson Software today announced that  starting in May 2010 it will offer its core Lawson Enterprise Management Systems and Lawson Talent Management suite powered by the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) infrastructure. The products will be included in the Lawson External Cloud Services offering, which is part of the company’s new Lawson Cloud Services portfolio.

Lawson External Cloud Services is ideal for midsize companies and organisations looking for a more affordable, flexible and agile deployment option for full-function enterprise software. By using Amazon EC2, Lawson can provide the benefits of full-function enterprise software faster than ever before. In addition, the security, reliability and massive computing capacity of Amazon EC2 can provide Lawson’s customers with a world-class, yet highly affordable infrastructure.

Lawson External Cloud Services also features Lawson Test Drive, which begins to change the way Lawson demonstrates its products and how customers purchase ERP software. Lawson Test Drive allows Lawson customers to test real products for up to 14 days using their own business processes and data before committing to the actual software purchase. Lawson Test Drive increases enterprise customers’ confidence that a demonstrated product will match the eventual installed product. Lawson Test Drive is being launched with two of Lawson’s newest, most innovative products: Lawson S3-directed Lawson Smart Office and Lawson Enterprise Search.

“Lawson External Cloud Services can help make the customer’s total ERP experience simpler, faster and better,” said Jeff Comport, Lawson senior vice president of product management. “We are making it easier for our customers to license, use, keep current, and even pay for Lawson full-function enterprise software. This should be great news for CFOs and CIOs who worry about lengthy and complex on-premise installations, the cost and inefficiency of their data centres, the best way to allocate IT staff, and the complexity and difficulty of maintaining software versions and upgrades.”  

“Amazon Web Services is excited to be working with Lawson Software to provide a new class of applications to our joint customers,“ said Terry Wise, director of partner relations for Amazon Web Services (AWS). “By leveraging AWS’ highly scalable computing infrastructure, organisations can requisition compute power, storage, and other application services in the cloud, paying for only what they use. Customers now have more choice and ways to leverage enterprise class software from Lawson on the AWS cloud.”

Lawson External Cloud Services can automate the provisioning or set up of additional software instances, meaning that organisations can configure their environment capacity to meet peak transactional demands or to increase system size to accommodate users brought on, for example, by an acquisition or merger. Customers can also request temporary instances to test a new system before going live or even prototype new business processes to determine potential business impact.  

A subscription pricing option is also available for customers who choose to run new Lawson products available through Lawson External Cloud Services offerings on AWS. Lawson Flexible Subscription also allows the customer to convert the subscription license to a perpetual license at the end of the subscription contract. Customers can choose the deployment model and licensing option that best meets their needs and budgets, and Lawson will host, manage and maintain the software for customers using AWS.

Lawson External Cloud Services features three Lawson flagship product lines – Lawson S3 Enterprise Management System, Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System and Lawson Talent Management. Lawson Talent Management is focused on human resource organisations, providing them with valuable insight into workforce data. It helps organisations and employees derive greater value through performance management and performance reviews by delivering actionable information about employees linked directly to business strategies.

“This offering includes financial, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement and other core processes. These are not the lightweight versions you find from niche vendors or the one-size-fits-all offerings from other providers. It’s the same software our customers can deploy in their own data centres but now can be placed off-premise and run and accessed from anywhere in the world on AWS,” said Comport.

By using AWS, Lawson is able to offer its customers ownership and control of their software. Lawson customers share Amazon EC2 infrastructure to drive down costs but are not forced to share their software with other customers. Lawson External Cloud Services will allow customers to choose a level of customisation that best meets their needs. This flexibility preserves what is unique to a customer’s business or organisation. AWS offers Lawson computing capacity that scales to Lawson’s overall demand and, as a result, customers pay only for what they use.

“Our customers aren’t commodities. They want theirsoftware for their business and not some vanilla commodity software offering,” said Comport. “Commodity software may be good for the vendor but not necessarily the customer. Our customers want to choose the software, deployment option and maintenance schedule best for their business. Advances in cloud computing, virtualisation technology and the automation of IT administrative tasks now make it possible for us to cost effectively deliver and manage single-instance ownership and make it affordable for our customers. This is an evolution of enterprise software deployments.”  

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