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Thermal Spray and HVOF Coatings
Using thermal spraying process means there is no risk of distortion or metallurgical changes to the component. HVOF coatings are very dense and well bonded, a processs by means of spraying the molten droplets of coating material at high velocities.  

By using thermal spraying methods, a large range of high performance materials can be deposited including:
  • Ceramics
  • Cemented Carbides
  • Plastics
  • Various Ferrous/Non Ferrous Metals and Alloys

Benefits of HVOF Coatings

  • Consequently HVOF coatings perform better in service
  • HP HVOF wear resistant coatings typically provide 4 or more times the wear life of hard chrome plating, through hardening and other hard facing techniques
  • HP HVOF coatings provide excellent corrosion protection due to the complete lack of interconnected porosity

HP HVOF coating materials include:

  • Tungsten carbide
  • Chromium carbide
  • Stainless steels
  • MCrAIY's various nickel alloys including Inconel and Cobalt Alloys

Metal Coatings and Cemented Carbide Coatings

  • The HVOF coating process provides metal and cemented carbide protective coatings of unsurpassed quality and wear life
  • The HP HVOF gun is essentially a liquid fuelled rocket running at high pressure
  • It imparts an extremely high velocity on the molten coating particles
  • This velocity is much higher than other thermal spray methods including conventional HVOF
  • Higher Velocity means higher quality coatings
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Supplier news
23/02/09 - Thermal spraying produces high performance surfaces with a mechanical bond. There is no risk of distortion or metallurgical changes to the component. HP HVOF thermal spraying systems are available from LaserBond.
Supplier news
18/02/09 - LaserBond, previously known as HVOF and Laser Technologies, specialise in reclamation and surface engineering of industrial components operating in severe environments and critical applications. LaserBond commenced trading as HVOF Australia with a vision based on reducing maintenance costs and extending machinery life by adopting leading edge technologies to meet the ever changing needs of industry.
Supplier news
28/05/04 - HVOF & Laser Technologies uses LaserBond cladding and advanced thermal spraying for the surface engineering of components operating in severe industrial environments. It offers a full reclamation service for worn parts, and applies high performance surfaces on new and worn components.

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