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Rofin fibre lasers from Laser Resources

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Laser Resources  introduces fibre lasers from Rofin for a wide range of marking applications.

Flexible and permanent marking with lasers has become the preferred method of identifying parts in various industrial sectors. Laser marking is a fast and flexible process that can mark a range of products and items including alphanumerics, graphics, logos, barcodes, PDFs and bitmaps.
Compared to marking technologies such as inkjet printing and mechanical marking, laser marking offers a number of advantages including very high processing speeds, low operational costs and consistent high quality and durable results. Being a contact-free process, laser marking avoids adding any undesirable substance to the work-piece. The compact laser marking systems also offer very high flexibility in automation.
Laser Resources offers the complete Rofin product line-up including PowerLine F Series fibre lasers optimised for laser marking. Superior beam quality and excellent mechanical and optical qualities ensure sustained, precise marking results and reliable operation in rough industrial environments.

Key features of Rofin PowerLine F20/F30/F50 fibre lasers:

  • Diode-pumped, q-switched fibre laser
  • Excels in high diode life and requires only minimum maintenance
  • Air-cooled system needs only 330, 390 and 470 watts of electrical power
  • Space-efficient design facilitates integration into existing production environments
  • Flexible optical fibre connects compact laser head with the supply unit where the laser beam is generated
  • Efficient operation with minimum maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Laser sources available in different power ranges and wavelengths
  • Superior beam quality and excellent mechanical and optical quality

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