Single Acting Cylinders with Hardened Grooved Saddles from Larzep Australia

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Larzep’s range of SM cylinders are the standard range of single acting spring return cylinders using 700 bar of pressure. These are suitable for lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, holding and pressing applications.

Larzep’s SM cylinders are suitable for unlimited cycles and come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. All Larzep cylinders are designed with a safety factor of 1.5:1 and all products are tested individually before they leave the factory.

Includes a removable saddle for the use of clevis eye piston and tilting saddles
  • The collar thread is designed to take the full load applied by the cylinder when used in fixtures eg. custom presses. 
  • Base mounting holes for Base Plates are also fitted.
  • High Pressure 700 bar tools are an industry standard and the advantages over lower pressures include lighter weight, reduced size and larger capacity
  • Standardised threads and couplings also make the cylinder interchangeable as replacements between other brands. 
  • Hard Chrome plated piston for highest resistance
  • Hardened Saddles to prevent piston from mushrooming
  • Piston Wiper which reduces contamination
  • Wear rings
  • Coupler and dust cap
  • Removable handles and lifting eye’s allow for ease of handling (on heavier units)
  • Lime Green baked enamel coating for high visibility and to prevent flaking.
Where high mobility and light weight equipment is needed Larzep’s SAM range of aluminium cylinders offer the same lifting power as standard cylinders with much less weight.

Larzep Hydraulic Cyclinder Accessories
Larzep’s 700 bar hydraulic equipment is available with a full range of accessories such as oil, snubber valves, pressure relief valves, couplings and hose assemblies.
  • Larzep’s hydraulic rams can be used with a large range of different pumps including standard 1 and 2 speed hand pumps, lightweight foot operated air and hydraulic foot pump where both hands are needed for production.
  • Increase speed and oil tank reservoir with Larzep’s range of electric pumps come in 240v or 3 phase specification and can be fully pendant operated for safety. For Underground mining aluminium free can also be specified.
Larzep has been manufacturing high pressure 700 bar hydraulic equipment since 1940 and all products are still manufactured in Europe to ensure the highest quality when safety and reliability is so important. Larzep Australia information and contact details



Question: 27/05/13 - Our smallest cylinder with the required stroke is model SM00523 (non telescopic). Dimensional data is on our website ... read more

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