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Larzep Australia’s range of Double Acting Cylinders are designed for a wide range of applications, including those involving high cycle life, high precision and all push and pull jobs.

The Double Acting Cylinders are manufactured with a hard chromed-plated piston for strength and durability

  • Guide and seal system of highest quality
  • Safety valve for prevention from accidental over-pressure
  • Collar threads for easy fixing and pull operations

Available in both Double DH and Single SH acting, Larzep Australia’s Double Acting Hollow Piston Cylinders offer solutions to a range of operations

  • Push and pull applications
  • Tightening of cables, bars and bolts
  • Extraction of sleeves and bearings
  • Manufactured with a hollow, hard chrome-plated piston
  • Collar threads for easy fixing and pull operations
  • Interchangeable saddles available in plain, threaded or solid
  • Equipped with a safety valve, preventing accidental over-pressure

Larzep Australia’s Double Acting High Tonnage Cylinders are designed for harsh conditions in both vertical and horizontal positions

  • Hard chrome-plated piston
  • Wiper deal for extended cylinder life
  • Replaceable hardened saddles

Optional extras for Larzep Australia’s range of Double Acting Cylinders are available to suit specific requirements across the market.

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