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Labfacility has always been associated with high accuracy temperature measurement. We sell a large range of Bench Top equipment, data loggers and hand-held instrumentation, transmitters and calibrators.

L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder

The Thermocouple Welder, manufactured by Labfacility, is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding.

Bench Top Instruments

Bench top instruments, some which work in conjunction with a PC, that can provide accurate monitoring of your application. Thermocouple and Pt100 options available.

Data Loggers

Hand Held Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers. Great value and very versatile, from the EL USB 1 right up to the EL DataPad, EL EnviroPad and WiFi TC data logger with Cloud Storage

Hand Held Instrumentation

A selection of hand held instruments for many applications including a large range of digital thermometers, light level meter, stroboscope and a range of great value handheld sensors

Portable Dry Block Calibrators

Fast Cal, Portable Dry Blocks, Liquid Baths & Semi Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers. View the range and contact us for a custom quotation and lead time

Temperature & Humidity Transmitters

Including a range of Display products, Thermometers, Panel Meters and Compact, accurate Temperature and Humidity Transmitters both in-head and rail mounted

ATEX approved Temperature Transmitters

ATEX approved Temperature Transmitters including the SEM210X universal input, TTR200X for RTD sensors and TTC200X for Thermocouple Sensors

Signal Convertors

Signal Convertors including a range of Display Products (Thermometer, Panel Meter and Transmitter) and Loop Isolators

Signal Conditioners

A range of Signal Conditioners for various applications, 9 varieties available to suit your specific requirements.

Multi Way Bench Selector Switches

Multi Way Bench Selector Switches for temperature sensors. 6 and 12 way, IEC and ANSI versions available along with the Panel Selector Switch

CAL Temperature Controllers

A range of CAL Temperature Controllers including the 3300, 9400 and 9500 varieties, designed to be reliable and easy to use.


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