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Label Power introduces the new high performance bar code label printer from Datamax-O’Neil

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article image Mid-range bar code label printer for diverse industrial applications

The new Datamax-O’Neil  I-Class Mark II from Label Power offers the fastest processor, largest memory and a widest selection of communication ports available in a mid-range industrial bar code label printer to meet the most diverse applications.

Building on the success of the I-Class series, this new label printer incorporates features and technology that makes it best in its class for performance, reliability and ease of integration. 

"The I-Class Mark II is designed to outperform any printer in its class with 20 percent faster print speeds, 44 percent faster processing and 61 percent lower power consumption. This printer also offers 50 percent more memory with 64 MB Flash and 32 MB DRAM as standard features," says James Malone, managing director of Label Power.

Designed for 'intelligent' integration
The medium sized printer boasts various DPI resolutions with speeds up to 304.8 mm/s. being of modular design, the printer can be upgraded in the field, with options such as internal rewind, thermal transfer and W-LAN. Other key features include:

  • Largest selection of communication ports of any mid-range industrial printer
  • The 802.11 a/b/g W-LAN option with WPA2 security protocol 
  • Auto-Detect language emulation provides for seamless replacement of existing printers
  • LCD graphical backlit display enables user friendly configuration set up and operation
  • IntelliSEAQ™ printheads provide a long life with their durable coating and high abrasion resistance, while offering lower power consumption 
The I-Class Mark II is the ideal bar code label printer for diverse applications such as:
  • Industrial manufacturing for asset tracking, finished good marking, case labels
  • Transportation and logistics for shipping labels, sorting centres, pallet tracking
  • Pharmaceuticals for product identification, track and trace and prescription labels
  • Food and beverage for high resolution labels, expiration dates and time stamps, product identification
I-Class Mark II is the first printer to come equipped with OPTIMedia™, a feature that enables the printer to automatically adjust to optimum heat, speed, darkness and contrast settings to ensure the highest quality printing.

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