Generate Consistent Warm Air with Waste and Universal Oil Heaters and Burners


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Based on the emulsion principle that creates an air/oil mixture, Kroll's universal oil burners have undergone intermediate checks and tests to guarantee complete versatility and reliability.

Kroll’s waste oil burners and heaters are:

  • Made from thermally-treated steels 
  • Available from 30kW to 1200kW 
  • Fitted with inbuilt air-compressors 
  • Used for light, heavy, used (waste) and vegetable oils 
  • Easy to install 
Eco Friendly 'Kozy' Waste Oil Heaters with Simple and Well Proven Qualities
Using full consumptions of waste oil, Kroll's 'Kozy'heaters can operate and warm up workshops, garages, warehouses and greenhouses with no added fuel and waste disposal costs.

  • Inbuilt vaporising burner 
  • High/Low manual heat regulation 
  • Flame failure security thermostat 
  • Overflow security switch 
  • 25L self contained oil tank 
  • Manual Ignition 
  • Powder coated casing 
Low Pressure Burners with Sturdy Construction
With high quality mechanical parts, the BR Series waste oil burners are low pressure burners characterised by limited consumption levels, low pollutant emissions, easy installation procedures and reliability. Kroll Heaters information and contact details


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09/01/12 - Kroll Heaters Australia presents their German made Kroll Kozy used oil heaters that use up to 3L of waste oil per hour.
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06/01/12 - Kroll Heaters Australia presents their range of BR and KGUB series of used oil burners and the Kroll Kozy and Kroll SZ series of used oil heaters.
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17/08/11 - Available from Kroll Heaters Australia, the German made Kroll Kozy space heater uses up to 3L of waste oil per hour and is suitable for heating any size area.
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13/07/11 - Kroll Heaters Australia is pleased to introduce the BR Series of 20kW to 1200kW waste oil burners.
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