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Rotary cam switch solutions available from Australian Solenoid

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To ensure across-the-board solutions for rotary cam switch applications, Australian Solenoid has developed the Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switch range, available with various contact designs, contact materials and terminals.

From 10A to 2400A, with either vertical or horizontal wiring access, in a variety of mountings for ease and speed of installation, there is a Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switch appropriate to your rotary cam switch needs.

The versatility of the Kraus & Naimer series of rotary cam switch means they can be used as a control switches, instrumentation switch and motor switch, and in electronic circuitry and aggressive environments. Each series of Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switch offers its own unique benefits.

The L-series switch, available from 350A to 2400A, is continuous current rated for off-load switching. All L-Series alternatives are designed for switching of resistive or low-inductive loads.

The C-series rotary cam switch represents Kraus & Naimer's classic cam switch. With specific models for all current ratings, they offer a solution for a wide variety of applications.

Fingerproof terminals, accessible horizontally or vertically, captive plus-minus screws and integrated screwdriver guides designed for the use of motorised screwdrivers are some clear, practical advantages of the CA-Series.

Available from 10A to 32A, this series of rotary cam switch is ideally suited for many standard applications involving industrial controls, instrumentation and electric motors.

A section of this range is specifically suited to low-voltage applications, down to switching of electronic signals with gold-plated contacts for reliability under adverse environmental conditions.

Insulation stripping or preparation of the conductor is no longer required if a switch of the CL-series with Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) is used.

Time required for loosening the terminal screws, stripping, preparing of the conductors and tightening of the terminal screws again can be saved.

The terminals of this series of rotary cam switch are stainless and acid resistant.

The extensive Kraus & Naimer range of rotary cam switch offers a solution for many cam switch applications.

Available through Australian Solenoid, the Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switch meets international and Australian standards with an international reputation.

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