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Isolating Switches Built to National and Industrial Standards from Kraus & Naimer

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Kraus & Naimer's KG Series isolating switches can be used as off/on or changeover switches. When coupled with the range of standard and custom built enclosures, the KG isolating switch is the perfect solution to special needs or aggressive environments.

Compact and modular Isolating Switches

  • Power ratings for every application
  • Two different design variants
  • Unusually large isolation distances between open contacts for maximum safety
  • Forced opening and closing main contacts are standard
  • Designed for maximum safety with unusually large isolation distances between open contacts
  • Terminals in the same plane and in line with connecting wires or bus bars
  • On/off switches are available with three to eight poles, double throw switches with three or four poles and a special version for applications in motor control centers is available

KG Series Isolating Switches up to 160A

  • Fingerproof Terminals
  • Integrated screwdriver guide for the use of motorised screwdrivers
  • Integrated snap on feature for DIN rails on base mounted switches

Optional Extras

The KG Series isolating switchgears from Kraus & Naimer comes with many optional extras including shaft extensions, door clutches, neutral and ground terminals, eight auxiliary contacts, terminal covers and various locking devices.

Available through Kraus & Naimer KG isolating switches meet international and Australian standards with the highest international reputation for excellence.

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