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Control Load Switches available from Australian Solenoid

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The load switches of the C, CA, CAD and CL-series from Australian Solenoid  offer a solution for most cam switch applications. The load switches with different contact designs, contact materials and terminals allow for their use as control switches, instrumentation switches and motor control switches, as well as in electronic circuitry and in aggressive environments according to IEC 60947-3 and VDE 0660 part 107.

The stage is the basis for all load switches and can be supplied with a maximum of 2 contacts. The terminals are accessible from the side. CA and CAD load switches are supplied with open terminals to facilitate wiring and are protected against accidental finger contact according to EN 50274, VDE 0660 part 514 and BGV A3. Switches up to type CA25B contain captive screws with clamping plates. The switch types CA40-CA63 are supplied with box terminals. Captive plus-minus terminal screws and integrated screwdriver guides facilitate wiring.

The load switches of the new CL-series are supplied with rust-free and acid resisting IDC terminals (Insulation Displacement Connection) instead of screw type terminals. The stripping or preparation of the insulation is no longer required. Errors occurring due to very long or very short stripped end of the conductor, usage of incorrect sleeves, incorrect crimping of sleeves, usage of wrong crimping tool and terminal screws that are not tightened properly can be eliminated.

The CL control load switches reduce installation time compared to the screw type terminals. This translates to significant cost savings. For connecting 2 conductors to a terminal an additional screw terminal with plus-minus screw is available. If a positive manual operation or a higher DC rating is required, many of these switches can be fitted with a snap action latching mechanism - suffix S - to the switch type.

The cam-operated switches of the L-series are continuous current rated for off-load switching. They may be used to switch resistive or low inductive loads.

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