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Australian Solenoid unveils rotary cam switch

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Application Function:

Kraus & Naimer range of rotary cam switches offers a solution for many cam switch applications.

Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switches are available with various contact designs, contact materials and terminals. From 10A to 2400A, with either vertical or horizontal wiring access, in a variety of mountings for ease and speed of installation, Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switches will prove the right fit for your rotary cam switch needs.

The versatility of the Kraus & Naimer series of rotary cam switches means they can be used as control switches, instrumentation switches and motor switches, and in electronic circuitry and aggressive environments.

Each series of Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switches offers its own unique benefits.

Available through Australian Solenoid, Kraus & Naimer rotary cam switches meet international and Australian standards with the high international reputation.

Differentiating features:

All series of Kraus & Naimer cam switches:

  • Various contact designs, contact materials and terminals
  • 10A to 2400A
  • Vertical or horizontal wiring access
  • Variety of mountings for ease/speed of installation


  • 350A to 2400A
  • Continuous current rated for off-load switching
  • Designed for switching of resistive or low-inductive loads

  • Classic cam switch
  • Models for all current ratings

  • Fingerproof terminals, accessible horizontally or vertically
  • Captive plus-minus screws and integrated screwdriver guides
  • 10A to 32A
  • Part of range specifically suited to low-voltage applications, down to switching of electronicsignals with gold-plated contacts for reliability under adverse environmental conditions

  • Insulation stripping/prep not required if Insulation Displacement Connection used
  • Terminals are stainless and acid resistant

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