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Korvest providing data sheets on different galvanising and hot dip methodologies

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Korvest Galvanisers has experts on their rolls who can offer technical advice to customers about the use of hot dip galvanising for their fabricated steel. Hot dip galvanising ensures excellent finishes on any fabrication job with an even and strong coating.

Any mild steel, cast steel, or even low alloy steels and cast iron can be galvanised. Korvest Galvanisers delivers hot dip galvanising services finished to AS4680:2006, the current Australian standard for galvanising, which specifies the minimum local coating thickness based on the steel being galvanised and ensures all parts of the steel are adequately coated.

On behalf of the Galvanising Association of Australia (GAA), Korvest Galvanisers offers advice and data sheets for: sweep blasting for hot dip galvanising; influence of thermal cutting processes such as flame or laser cutting on galvanised steel and the coating itself; after treatment care and maintenance of hot dip galvanised steel; cleaning of galvanised surfaces; atmospheric corrosion resistance for hot dip galvanised coatings; painting and hot dip galvanised surfaces; testing the coating thickness of galvanised steel for AS4680 compliance; safety in venting steel for galvanising; steel transportation load safety; steel composition - the effect on galvanising coating appearance, thickness, materials handling and surface smoothness; and repair of field welding on hot dip galvanising.

New tool from GAA

The Galvanising Association of Australia has introduced the Coating Life Cycle Cost Calculator, an online tool that allows the initial and total life costs to be calculated for over 30 different corrosion protection options versus hot dip galvanising. Based on the data input, the calculator will create a custom report detailing all costs associated with maintaining steel fabrication over the required service life.

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