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Korvest acquires new flux tank for galvanising

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article image Korvest took delivery of a new flux tank for galvanising

Korvest Galvanisers has invested in a new flux tank to enable them to serve their customers well into the future. Designed and built in Austria using the latest technology, the flux tank was installed in January 2015.

The flux tank is used for fluxing steel, which is a very important final step of pre-treatment before the hot dip galvanising process. It is important to ensure that a galvaniser has reliable vessels for all pre-treatment processes. Since Korvest utilises hot flux technology, the flux tank is exposed to elevated temperatures.

The new flux tank was purchased to cope with the temperature and chemistry during the fluxing process for a minimum of 25 years. Built from a special polymer that will withstand mechanical wear as well as chemical attack at the required temperature, the tank features a steel cradle to support the polymer. The cradle is covered in the same resin used in the tank construction to prevent corrosion.

The existing flux tank will replace the current acid rinse tank, which is nearing the end of its useful life and is due to be removed from service. By re-employing the old flux tank, Korvest will be able to gain about 10 years of service before the rinse tank has to be replaced entirely.

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