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Standalone Single Board Computers (SBCs)
Kontron's range of Single Board Computers include the MOPS PC/104 SBC family (Minimised Open PC System). Its accessory re use setup means that upgrades and downgrades are extremely cost effective and easy. The MOPS PC/104 SBC family and their accessories serve all performace classes and are fully featured and highly reliable.

MOPS PC/104 Single Board Computers (SBCs)
  • MOPS-PM - "all in one" Intel® Pentium® M based PC/104-Plus™ with consistent 90 x 96 mm classic PC/104-Plus™ size
  • MOPSlcdLX - 500 MHz AMD™ LX800 processor offers high reliability and performance at low power consumption - only passive cooling if at all - no moving parts
  • MOPS/520 - high integrated board offers 4xCOM, 2x USB, 1x10/100 MBit Ethernet and PC/104-Plus™ for expansion. Due to the very low power consumption the MOPS/520 does not need active cooling
  • PC/104 CPU - Board that offers high reliability and performance at low power consumption - only passive cooling if at all - no moving parts
  • PC/104-SK-PLUS3, ATX size - Offers 3x ISA and 3x PCI-Bus slots electrically coupled, ATX sized and full featured connector type array and MOPS and speedMOPSlcd Modules fit perfectly on it
MOPS PC/104 Accessories and Peripherals - Cable Kits and Micro Cable Kits
  • ADA-FLOPPY-2 - ADA-FLOPPY-2 consists of an Adaptor Card and flatfoil cable to connect a standard floppy drive to any MOPS
  • KAB-DSUB25-1 - Cable, one side DSUB25 female connector, other side for 26 pin header - for LPT
  • KAB-DSUB9-2 - KAB-DSUB9-2 cable, DSUB9 male Connector to 10 pin Header cable, DSUB COM port cable
  • KAB-DSUB9-3 - KAB-DSUB9-3 Cable, DSUB9 male connector to 10 pin socket cable for additional COM3 or COM4 on MOPS and EPIC boards and JRex-CE boards
  • KAB-VGA-2 - KAB-VGA-2 Cable, Cable from MOPSlcd or speedMOPS PC/104 to CRT (15 pin DSUB)
  • KAB-MOPS-ETN1 - KAB-MOPS-ETN1 cable, to connect 10/100MBit LAN from the Single Board Computer to a RJ45 socket
  • KAB-KB-PS2 - KAB-KB-PS2 cable, PS/2-Keyboard adapter for MOPS
  • KAB-KB-1 - KAB-KB-1 cable, keyboard adapter for MOPS    
  • KAB-IDE-1 - KAB-IDE-1, IDE cable for 40 pin 3.5" Hard Disk (2,54 mm)
  • KAB-FLOPPY/MOPS-1 - KAB-FLOPPY/MOPS-1, Flatfoil floppy cable for FLOPPY-MOPS-1, 230 mm    
  • KAB-USB-1 - KAB-USB-1 Cable, Cable to USB-Port from 4pin header for MOPS PC/104 and EPIC
  • KAB-MOUSE-PS2 - KAB-MOUSE-PS2 Cable, PS/2-Mouse connector to 4 pin socket cable on MOPS boards
  • JRC1 - The JRC1 includes Software with the possibility to read or write the memory contents (CMOS RAM, EEPROM, NVRAM, Flash, Hard or Floppy Disks) of an Embedded Computer, which is accessible only by its serial port (COM1 to COM4)
  • USB-RS422/485 - The USB-RS422/485 is our economical solution for those with portables or laptops with available USB port but no slots to add a RS-422/485 serial communication board
  • KAB-CAN-1 - KAB-CAN-1 cable, Standard CAN-Bus cable for MOPS/520 to DSUB connector
Kontron PC/104 Standalone Single Board Computers (SBCs) serve in every format, even with consistent product families that allow full accessory and chassis re use.

Learn more about Kontron's range of SBCs and peripherals by visiting the Kontron Australia website via the link provided below. Kontron Australia information and contact details

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