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Flat Panel Controllers and Flat Panel Displays
Kontron specialise in supporting a variety of flatpanel displays. The CRT to LCD flat panel controllers of the aFLAT series offer you the following options for easy plug and play display integration of a flat panel into your application.

TV to LCD Flat Panel Controllers
TV to LCD is a TV Tuner module for the CRT to LCD-7, which allows you to create a full featured LCD TV in combination with a TFT or Plasma display. The connection to flat panel controller is realised by the feature connector. The IR Receiver for Standard Remote Control is integrated on the CRT to LCD-7.
  • PAL / SECAM / NTSC Multistandard TV Tuner
  • FM Radio Tuner
  • Stereo 10 Watt Class D audio power amplifier
  • One stereo line level output selectable fixed or variable gain
Kontron's range of LCD flat panel controllers and LCD displays are also available as Sound Only Modules (SOUND to LCD) and HDTV to LCD Modules (with additional YPbPr input). Kontron Australia information and contact details

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