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Kontron 10G ATCA open modular platform enhanced for designing 4G LTE and carrier cloud network infrastructure

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article image Kontron's 10G ATCA open modular platform OM9141-10G

Kontron Australia  has announced the full production availability of its 10G ATCA open modular platform OM9141-10G for the telecom equipment manufacturing industry.  

Featuring new, advanced and faster bladed data transport, and switching and system management hardware, Kontron’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ATCA open modular platform is a starting point for telecommunication equipment manufacturers (TEMs) to build a multitude of new equipment configurations on a common platform using CPU, NPU, DSP, storage and specialised 3rd-party ATCA-based line cards that meet the requirements for 3G, 4G LTE, WiMAX, GPON, IPTV and carrier cloud network elements.  

Each Kontron 10G ATCA open modular platform OM9141-10G includes redundant power entry modules, cooling infrastructure with hot swappable redundant fans, and second generation 10GbE switching capabilities based on the Kontron 10G ATCA switch AT8910.  

Built-in Shelf Management with redundancy and interoperability-tested Shelf Manager Cross Connects as per PICMG specification, and an optional Kontron COM Express dual-core module are available on the Kontron AT8910 for centralised system management with a standards-based HPI implementation. A telco alarm panel provides telecom grade external system alarm notification.  

Equipment vendors assessing new system-level projects for a wide assortment of Core, Metro and Carrier Data Center network applications may start designs on the Kontron 10G ATCA open modular platform OM9141-10G for 3G and 4G LTE Network Elements, GPON/EPON and Optical Transport Network Elements, QoS and Test Platform Network Elements, and Service and Content Delivery platforms with Security and DPI functionality.  

Next generation switch management software
Kontron switch management software suite supports a comprehensive list of core features and protocols including QoS, IPv4 and IPv6 routing, IPv4/IPv6 multicast routing and selected protocols.  

Supported protocols include:  

  • Ethernet multicast switching protocols and functions (such as GVRP, GARP, RSTP, LAG, IGMP Snooping, DiffServ, ACL)
  • IPv4 unicast and multicast routing, unicast forwarding protocols & functions (such as ARP, OSPF, VRRP, RIP)
  • Multicast forwarding protocols & functions (such as PIM-DM, PIM-SM, DVMRP, IGMP)
  • IPv6 unicast and multicast routing
  • IPv6 unicast forwarding protocols and functions (such as discovery, OSPFv3, MLD, 6to4/4to6 tunnelling)
Kontron has additionally developed several other software extensions to further enhance the Kontron 10G ATCA switch AT8910, including:  
  • Ethernet switching: Meshed multicast, multicast and RSTP interoperability, same port bridging, link aggregation, LLDP, and lossless Ethernet
  • IP routing: IPinIP tunnelling, automatic tunnel failover, multicast
  • Enhanced multicast support: Support for fully meshed Layer 2 multicast networks with IGMP snooping, interoperability of RSTP with IGMP snooping, PIM-DM enhancements for multicast on LAGs
  • Management enhancements: Access control lists, monitoring, SNMP, provisioning, diagnostics, reliable field upgrades, location based DHCP server, file services, watchdog, real time clock
  • Enhanced optical/copper module support: SFP+, SFP, auto detection and selection
  • Hardware monitoring/management: Monitoring and access of local and remote sensors and IPMI information, access to IPMI System Event Log (SEL), generation of SNMP traps based on SEL entries and filter rules
Key features of Kontron 10G ATCA switch AT8910:  
  • Represents Kontron’s 6th generation in ATCA switching products
  • Supports 14x 10GbE nodes and one redundant hub to meet NEBS and ETSI standards
  • Front I/O connections include 4x 10GbE Front Fabric Uplinks, 4x 10GbE Front Base Uplinks, 1x GE Mgmt. and 2x Serial Console
  • Switch management solution includes a Hypervisor implementation for control and data plane switch management separation
  • Optional COM Express dual-core module provides the infrastructure for centralised system management
  • Compatible with the Kontron Rear Transition Module RTM8940, which supports Synchronous Ethernet with up to 80Gbps uplink capability on the Fabric Interface
  • Telco clocking is standard via the RTM
  • Option to remove the QSFP uplinks and/or Telco clocking on demand

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