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CompactPCI and Industrial PC Technology
CompactPCI provides solutions for high density integrated systems, excellent EMI shielding, optimised cooling and reliable, serviceable, robust and high availability systems.

Kontron integrates all these characteristics into a wide range of CompactPCI products with advantageous features including:
  • High-performance PCI bus (528 MByte/s with up to 64 Bit data width)
  • Parallel card insertion from front for easy replacement and minimum MTTR
  • Proven 19" mechanics in 3U, 6U and mixed configurations
  • Rear I/O support option for internal cabling requirements and hot swap
  • Improved airflow by consequent vertical mounting of boards
  • Hot swap hardware provision on highly reliable connector
CompactPCI Value Line

  • The Value Line systems from Kontron offer the comfort and features of the CompactPCI systems for the price of normal PCI computers
  • Our customers receive CompactPCI systems which protect their investment and minimize their costs
  • The CompactPCI systems’ modularity makes it possible to tailor processor performance and I/O design to suit the particular customer
6U CompactPCI Performance Line

  • Processing power based on the simultaneously launched, high performance and low-power 45 nm Intel® processors
  • The latest Kontron CompactPCI boards excel over the previous 65 nm Intel® Core™2 Duo processor option, with up to 25 percent faster core speeds (2.53 GHz), 50 percent more L2 cache (6MB) and a 60 percent faster FSB (1066 MHz) with similar energy consumption
3U CompactPCI Performance Line
  • The CompactPCI architecture embodies mechanical reliability, compactness, easy accessibility and maintenance
  • The compact 3U form factor offers obvious space-saving advantages and makes the 3U CompactPCI predestined for applications in all fields that require a small footprint as well as a robust design

CompactPCI Rugged Line

  • Kontron is constantly evolving its line of reliable and powerful rugged CompactPCI boards to ensure our customers can develop leading edge applications that work under extreme temperatures and high levels of physical stress
  • From communication systems on the ground to in flight systems, the highest requirements must be met without compromise

CompactPCI Systems

  • CompactPCI Value Line - CP307-V, CP306-V, CP6001-V, CP6000-V, CP-POCKET, XL-POCKET
  • 6U CompactPCI Performance Line - CP6016, CP6014, CP601264, CP6012, CP6001, CP6000, CP6923 (PICMG 2.16), CP6925 (PICMG 2.16), CP-ASM6-PSB, CP-ASM10-PSB, XL2000, XL1000, CP-ASM6-P47, CP690HS
  • 3U CompactPCI Performance Line - CP308, CP30764, CP307, CP306, CP321, CP-ASM3-P47, CP-ASM4-POCKET, RTOP, CP932, CP930, CP342, CP353, CP371, CP372, CP384, CP383, CP382, CP381, CP332 (Graphics Controller), CP346 (Serial Controller), CP360 (SCSI Controller), CP390, CPMC1
  • CompactPCI Rugged Line - CP6001-R3, CP6001-R2, ITC-320, CP3210, PowerEngineC7
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