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Konecranes’ new runway analysis prevents downtime and optimises maintenance programs

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article image RailQ diagnoses the alignment and wear of overhead crane rails

RailQ from Konecranes is an overhead crane maintenance diagnostic tool designed to provide a precise, reliable runway analysis in a cost-effective way for any rail system and for all makes and models of cranes, taking a fraction of the time required to conduct traditional rail surveys.

The diagnostic tool accurately measures rail alignment, reduces undue wear and helps users better plan maintenance and repairs in busy warehouses, ports and manufacturing facilities. The unique RailQ alignment survey technology was developed to provide faster, safer, and more accurate analysis than any other type of rail survey available worldwide.

RailQ combines highly precise and state-of-the-art survey techniques with Konecranes-specific software to accurately measure straightness, elevation, rail-to-rail elevation, and span of the rails.

If overlooked or left undetected by crane owners/operators and service companies, rail alignment defects can have expensive consequences, according to Mr John Bailey, General Manager, Service Development, Konecranes SE Asia Pacific, which is an integral part of the Konecranes group, an organisation that globally has over 430,000 cranes under maintenance contract. Alignment problems in rails can cause significant undue wear, which reduces their design life and efficiency.

Mr Bailey observes that companies have historically neglected runway surveys, as manual tools are typically used for the analysis, requiring the crane to be out of service for a full day. RailQ utilises a remotely operated robot combined with a visual inspection to give precise results in far less time than traditional surveys.

RailQ consists of highly accurate laser measuring equipment, a methodology developed by Konecranes, and the company’s own proprietary data analysis and reporting software (KC Trail). On completion of the survey, a three-dimensional image of the runway/rail system is given to the customer with a special 3D viewer that allows them to examine the geometry in dynamic three-dimensional form.

Mr Bailey explains that RailQ provides accurate data to the customer, helping increase crane safety and crane performance.

Konecranes South East Asia Pacific (Konecranes SEAP) includes Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

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