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Case Study: Konecranes delicately and accurately handles glass for Viridian Trade Centre

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article image A Konecranes CXT crane lifting a sheet of glass at the Viridian Trade Centre

A 5t Konecranes CXT crane is being used by leading Australian glass supplier Viridian to handle glass safely at its new all-inclusive glass trading centre, Viridian Trade Centre in Rosebery, Sydney.

Viridian is part of the CSR family of nationally trusted and recognised brand names, which provides building products for residential and commercial construction. The Viridian Trade Centre is the first retail trade centre in Australia to offer a full range of glass products and accessories as well as services such as cutting, processing and edging.

Mr Matt Jacobs, Store Manager, Viridian Trade Centre explains that moving glass is a difficult and delicate task that can be simplified and made safer using a crane.

According to Mr Jacobs, the retail trade centre is designed for small to medium businesses that can’t afford to buy their own machinery, but need glass for their work. The Konecranes CXT crane is used for a range of materials handling tasks at the new facility, including safely moving glass around the premises and from racking to cutting tables.

Based on his experience, Mr Jacobs will recommend Konecranes to anyone buying a crane. Happy with the quality of both product and service, he said that Konecranes really went above and beyond to ensure timely delivery of the materials handling solution. Konecranes even customised the crane to include an extra point on the hook to assist with the glass handling.

Mr Jacobs also appreciated the professional and efficient work of Konecranes’ technicians while installing the crane under difficult conditions with limited accessibility at times.

Viridian Trade Centre has signed a service agreement with Konecranes for the service and maintenance of this crane.

CXT Wire Rope Hoists

The crane deployed at the Viridian Trade Centre features CXT wire rope hoists, which utilise advanced Konecranes technology to extend hoist operation cycles, safety and durability. The versatile hoist can be adapted to a broad range of applications and offers the assurance of reliability, regardless of the conditions.

Key benefits of CXT wire rope hoists include compact dimensions allowing efficient utilisation of smaller spaces, and different trolley configurations maximising lifting height potential. The empty hook can be driven with up to 50% higher speeds compared to the loaded hook, allowing the operator to choose the most efficient way to operate the hoist.

CXT hoists also come with a range of optional features for customers seeking to further increase their efficiency and performance.

Smart features available with the latest CXT wire rope hoists:

Adaptive Speed Range (ASR) allows very slow speeds for moment of load lift-off and lowering. It also has the ability to lift up to 50% faster when lifting 25% of the maximum load or less.

Extended Speed Range (ESR) is an extension of the ASR that allows even faster speeds and a wider range of control. ESR is typically used in heavy use industries with high volume cycles and a higher percentage of medium to heavy load.

Load control is designed to make the operator’s work safer and more productive.

Positioning and area control assists the operator in positioning the load more efficiently and accurately. It also allows the crane’s working area to be adapted to the varying physical layouts of individual facilities and production lines.

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