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Value added solution from Koncept Engineering

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Koncept Engineering  is expertise designer and developer of engineering solutions for rail maintenance and mining industries. Koncept Engineering provides 3D modeling systems, mining equipments, value adding, water conservation, rail maintenance and power generation. Koncept Engineering has 100 years of combined experience of its directors from various industrial sectors.

Koncept Engineering has a joint venture with large multinational companies in Australia and China including Atrico, Watermark, KPMG and different global universities. Koncept Engineering has gained proven marketing approach in engineering solutions which involves in identifying and determining the requirements and other issues from their clients. Their clients include rail transport and mineral sectors to whom the EPC solutions are provided depending upon their requirement.

Koncept Engineering also provides value added solutions like enhancing the safety level of operation for operators and related persons, providing advance efficiencies and exclusive result in the work undertaken and effective maintenance for monitoring the live data and project cost forecasting.

Koncept Engineering’s mission is to become a world class exporter of IP Technology and innovative provider of hi-tech engineered solutions for rail maintenance equipment and other industrial sectors.

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