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Mining and rail maintenance service from Koncept Engineering

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Koncept Engineering  has wide range of experience and knowledge in advanced 3D-modelling systems which include micro technology ideal for industrial market, specialist tooling for mining industries, heavy engineering especially for rail maintenance equipment and specialist mining equipment for high efficiency.

Koncept Engineering provides value adding services like mining and rail maintenance. Koncept Engineering offers specialist equipment and solutions related to mining like special purpose tooling and engineering solutions.

Koncept Engineering is also involved in power generation like solar power, passive power, dynamic power and thermo-dynamic power. Koncept Engineering houses dedicated team of directors and engineer along affiliated specialists whose combined effort delivers innovative designing, developing and supply of advanced technologies to provide complete solution.

Since its inception, Koncept Engineering has been gaining excellent progress and providing broad range of engineering and other designing projects for rail maintenance with EPS Australia and Speno Rail Maintenance Australia. Koncept Engineering is also presently involved in portfolios for Oxiana gold and nickel mining and Rio Tinto – mining.

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