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New tilt and vibration sensors released

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Koloona Industries announces the availability of a newly developed tilt and vibration sensor that can eliminate the need for accelerometers in many applications.

Type TVS0713.18 tilt and vibration sensors feature a tilt angle of 180 degrees and are fully passive, requiring no signal conditioning, and operating with currents as low as 0.2 microamps.

Measuring only 2.85mm x 2.45mm x 1.7mm in a surface mount package, the sensor is halogen-free, and has a wide operating voltage range of 1.8 to 15VDC.

The TVS0713.180 utilises a gold plated stainless steel ball within an enclosed cavity that bridges two gold plated contacts. Depending upon the orientation of the sensor, the microball bridges the bottom or top contact pad within the wall of the cavity. Thus the 180° tilt angle can be detected when switching from one pad to the other at an angle of approximately 90°. When contact is made, a high resistive ‘open’ (30+ MOhms) state turns into a low resistive ‘closed’ (<100 ohms) state.

This function can be used for devices such as remote controls with additional qwerty keyboard where the TVS0713.18 sensor can detect if the remote control or the keyboard side of the device is facing upwards. 

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